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AX Broker is specialized in large businesses intermediation,
focused in buying and selling ​companies, rural and urban areas.

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Connecting buyers and sellers with safety and relevance, AX Broker stands out as a pioneer
platform in offering structured intermediation and prepared for closing of great business.

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"​AX offers me a world of possibilities ​fulfilled of simplicity."

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AX Broker only puts compatible negotiators in contact with each other, according to the appointed, specific guidelines. That way, you don’t have to be anxious of unsuccesful or pointless negotiations.



Great deals can be completed in a short amount of time. By getting in touch with the right brokers, you save time from the very beginning to the end.



We, more than anyone else, understand how important it is to protect your deal information. Social networks and conventional ads do not guarantee complete security. In AX Broker, all information is covered by encryption and you are legally protected by our privacy policy.



Just register your deal and wait to be matched with many possibilities to achieve your results.
There’s no easier way.

You can trust us and
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If you still have doubts about AX we can clarify things for you

AX Broker platform covers 3 main segments:

  • Agribusiness (Agriculture, cattle production fields, areas of environmental preservation, small hydroelectric plant, farmlands for planting wood)
  • Real Estate (warehouses, commercial real estate with income, lands for subdivision or incorporation, etc)
  • Companies (industries, commercial networks, logistics companies, services, etc)

You can register deals that are in these segments and have value above one million dollars.

  • Coverage: AX dispose of a large network of associated brokers.
  • Reliability: Our priority is your information safety, so we are absolutely discreet about them.
  • Relevance: we introduce your deal only to profiles that fits your guideline, helped by our specialists and powerful system.
  • Agility: our platform allows our expert team speed up the analysis of the deals register, connecting you with your compatible business partner with assertiveness.
  • Transparency: our processes are documented and legally protected so that you know exactly the course of your negotiation.

The AX Brokers purpose is to connect business brokers and investors so they can sell more and do it faster. Our compensation is very clear: we collect a small percentage of the value of the commissioning, in case of successful deals. For our business model to exist, we need lots of business going through our platform, and this is only possible with trust between our clients and us. AX's biggest goal is for our partners to have as many deals closed as possible, and always with the support of AX.

Absolutely! When you register at AX Broker, our Terms of Use safeguards all your rights and introduces you to all your conduct duties as user of our platform. Besides, we will only present your business to stakeholders who have the minimum requirements you set (such as, letter of purchase, proof of funds, proven experience). When you start negotiating with other broker, AX follows the process and provides confidentiality agreements, so both can be more secure.

The access AX Broker platform, register and search for deals are 100% free.

Money it’s important, right? But our beliefs are important too, and we believe in a win-win system. If every deal maker is satisfied, more business research we’re going to have through our platform. Therefore, we do not charge anything to participate in AX, we only charge in case of success of the negotiation.

We have two class of payment, each one applied for one kind of approach:

- Approach by Platform:

The dealmakers connected by platform who reach the great deal by themselves. In this case 10% of the sales commission established will be paid to AX. (For Exemple: If the sales commission is 5% of the total amount, you have to pay us 0,5% of the total amount)

- Approach by our experts:

Our experts act directly in the negotiations. They’re able to realize proactive searches, support in elaboration of teasers, participations in meetings. They can speed up the process an increasing the chances of a great deal. In this case, to enjoy this benefit, the costs are 30% of sales commission. (However this modality is subject to approval by team AX Broker).

If you are the owner or buyer of a business, please contact us to know our services and values.

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